Image How to make one's backpack light as a feather ?

How to make one's backpack light as a feather ?

How to make one's backpack light as a feather ?

Many people complain about their heavy backpack when traveling. The reason is they don't have the right method to optimize their backpack before the departure.

Much luggage is not really appropriate if you want to travel more comfortably and more freely. It may also reduce the risk of the loss and the high luggage fees.

Light backpack is always better if you don't want to be bothered by stressful luggage when traveling. So to make your backpack light as a feather, here are some tips and ideas that may help you.

Choose the right bag that fits your gear and clothing

The best choice of backpack is the smaller one. If you take a big bag, you may tend to pick a lot of gear and clothing. Small bag is the best way to avoid overloading.

If you choose traveling with an on-sized backpack, you will feel freer and lighter during your trip. So choose a carry on sized backpack to avoid heavy bags, luggage fees and any problem that may happen.

Pack the most important gear and clothing

When preparing the luggage before traveling, you have to choose the most used gear and clothing that you have to bring, not everything you want. This means that less used gear and clothes should not be loaded to make your backpack lighter.

So lay out your items and clothes, choose which ones are more used and which of them you don't use much. Here are some ideas about which to load in your backpack: 

  • Don't take items that you can find in the hotel. For example, towels, toilet paper, irons, hair dryers and many other items that you think available in the hotel. 
  • Take the most luxury of your clothes for any special event 
  • Don't pack more than one week's clothing no matter how long your stay will be. 
  • Avoid many spare shoes, two pairs of shoes are enough, including the ones you currently wear.

Leave cheaper accessories and items that you can afford

Before leaving for your destination, you have to think about what items you may use and can buy when staying in another country as a foreigner.

Most of daily used items are met everywhere. So you had better not to pick them when you load your backpack before the departure. They are not really expensive so you will be able to buy them with a small sum. These may include: 

  • Clothing accessories like socks, hats, gloves, underpants, slippers. 
  • Beauty items and products such as lipsticks, polish, makeup, gel, shampoo, soap. 
  • Device charger and cable

Booking a flight and hotel

You may think too much about which airlines are the best and which hotel to stay at before traveling. This is not a tricky problem! All you have to do is visit Opodo's website to choose and make the booking online.

Opodo works with a large number of airlines and hotels in almost all over the world. This makes it a popular online travel agency that many people rely on to help them reach their destination.

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