Image Essential items to put in one's backpack
Essential items to put in one's backpack

Just like the list of things to do before a great start, knowing what to bring on a trip can become a real headache. Choose the most appropriate equipment for the type of trip you plan to do, take into account the climate and the environment in which you will be, make sure not to overload. These are the factors that you will need to consider when filling your backpack.

The sleeping bag, a must for any trip

A sleeping bag, although it is a bulky item, will always be part of your travel gear. Although it is useful to you only occasionally, it can become very practical in certain situations. 

  • When the place where you spend the night does not provide bedding; 
  • When you have little confidence in the one provided; 
  • If you intend to sleep in tents or in mountain huts; 
  • Or when you are in a place where the nights are very cold and the bedding is insufficient.

Choose a compact and lightweight model if you do not intend to camp in a cold place. Several models are sold in a compression bag, which minimizes the space occupied by it.

The stuff you must carry on with you

First of all, clothes: although very variable from one person to another, the choice of clothes will depend on your tastes, your comfort, your budget and the chosen destination. However, please take only the necessary. When shopping, it is also important to choose comfortable, loose, crinkle-free clothes that dry quickly and allow perspiration to pass.

These types of clothing are easily found in specialty outdoor stores. Try to avoid cotton as much as possible and choose products made of merino wool or polypropylene. Then the hygiene products: The hygiene kit remains something very personal.

By cons, small advice, bring as few things as possible and use the compact formats or samples that you find on the market. In addition, when buying soap, choose a multi-purpose soap that will also serve as a shampoo for hair and soap for washing dishes and clothes. All this will prevent you from overloading your luggage.

Accessories: A rain cover for the backpack; Zip-style plastic bags (useful for storing things) a bag for dirty clothes; first aid kit (bandages, survival blanket, disinfectants); little knife and lighter; pocket for documents and money; travel diary and pen; smoked glasses; universal adapter and electrical transformer; a computer or tablet if necessary (+ power); camera and / or video camera (charger, transfer material, memory card, tripod and lenses if necessary); external hard drive or USB keys; smartphone (can be useful as light, alarm clocks, calculators, music players, internet access, orientation, cameras, etc.).

Leaving for a road trip

Once your backpack is ready, all you have to do is find the best destination for your road trip. And if you are lacking in inspiration, the Opodo site will be there to guide you:

You will find thousands of destinations. On the site, you can also book flights but also hotel. Depending on the activities you are looking for, your budget, the length of your stay, the number of travelers, Opodo will enlighten you and help you to meet your expectations.

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